8th Family Outing 2006

This time the "Wagenbuur" family came together on 5 August for the annual family outing.
Planning started a bit late so we did a re-run in the play grounds of Zalm Buitenpret in Zoetermeer. The same place as the year before.

Even though the planning was a bit late, we still managed to get the larger part of the family there.

It had rained a lot in the days before but we are always very lucky with the weather at the family outings!


And indeed we could enjoy the sun almost the entire day. There was time for chatting, playing on the tools and playing midget golf.


The latest family member of just 9 months old was the center of attention at his first family outing!


And this year too we had lovely food... and lots of it!

Approaching 5 pm it was already time to go. So we packed our stuff and got ready to leave. For some it was painfully clear how exposed to the sun we had been all day! Yet another great family outing!




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