7th Family Outing 2005

This year the "Wagenbuur" family gathered on 3 September 2005 for the annual family day out. The play grounds of Zalm Buitenpret in Zoetermeer was where it all took place.

For the most part the family got together from 11 am on. The family members from England were again present this year. It was a bit chilly at first but we were sure that would change later in the day.

So we did a hunt first and after that we got out all the food we brought with us.


And that brought out the sun right away and we enjoyed it to the fullest.

After which we took pictures of the three generations.

With the oldest generation one of the youngest sneaked in...

with the middle generation that was also the case in a way...

and with the youngest generation it proved virtually impossible to get them all in the same picture...

That's why we did yet another with the partners (present) of the middle generation.


Finally there was even more time for the play area but then it was soon time to pack the things and go back home again. We can look back to yet another great family outing!




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