5th Family Outing 2003

In 2003 nearly the whole Wagenbuur family came together yet again for the annual family outing, which was this year held on Sunday 21st September 2003.

We went to The Hague, where we met at noon in "Westbroekpark".

It was an incredibly beautiful late Summer's day, so the children went straight to the playground. But as soon as the terrace opened the whole family sat down there. Half of the terrace was occupied by the Wagenbuur family who only used it as 'home base' though. The afternoon was a coming and going of family members, big and small.

After an hour or so of chatting and having drinks it was time for lunch. The Chinese food was there very quickly and it was very tasty to most all of the family.



After which we walked into the park for a pick nick-like get-together on a play field. Where young and old was having a great time again with just a ball or blowing bubbles.



To conclude the day we found time to sit on yet another terrace for a last drink at the water side.

Mark Wagenbuur