3rd Family Outing 2001

On Saturday the 22nd of September 2001, the larger part of the family "Wagenbuur"* got together for the annual family outing.

*(with also people by the names of Bakker, Belo, Hansen, Lennaerts, Linssen, and Voers.)

The site of this day was "Theehuis Rhynauwen" (Rhynauwen Teahouse) in Bunnik, where we met from 12 o'clock.

For the early birds there was even time for coffee and apple pie, on the (at that moment) sunny terrace.


After which we got inside to have lunch at two tables. Just as we went inside the rain started poring again! While we had plenty of time to order, the children played in a corner with fur snakes, rocking "things" and pillows, later they were also busy with colouring pictures. The family members had enough time to chat.

But once the pancakes, salad bowls and Mexican wraps arrived, they tasted excellent. 

After lunch there was ample time to have lengthy conversations again, cuddle Dana and especially for Antoinette, there was a demonstration on "how to carry your future baby up front" with Dana as a demonstration "victim", with a beatific smile.

Because the sun returned right after lunch, (excellent timing!) we could have a stroll in the woods. After which we had another drink in the gardens of Rhynauwen at the river side. The children were playing happily in the playground.

At four o'clock, the last family members left Rhynauwen. Generally speaking they thought it was a very nice outing. That was also so, because the few sunny spells of the day, were there at exactly the right time!

Mark Wagenbuur