Genlias; Find your Dutch ancestors fast!
Genlias is a joint product of the regional history centres and state archives in the Netherlands. Genlias has 5.7 million records on 25.5 million people, taken directly from the country's Civil Register. Since 1811 the most important events in the life of every person resident in the Netherlands birth, marriage and death have been recorded. They are being made public until 1903, 1923 and 1953 respectively.

Central Bureau for Genealogy
Good place to start your Dutch genealogy.

Family tree Ketelaars family (Helmond, Mierlo, Geldrop)
Compared to this site this is mothers side of the second generation and fully identical from that point on.

Family tree of the Seijkens family
Partly identical to this family tree..

Roel Boumans' website.

Genealogy pages of Ida Siemons (her main page) &
Rob Groenewouds Genealogy pages
Also partly identical.

Genealogy page of Joop Renkers and Ronald Pellemans
Also partly identical.



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